What is the Parsec Labs HyperQ®?

The HyperQ® is a Total Storage Management appliance. It manages and optimizes your storage through means of accelerated access to data, seamless expansion to other devices, including the Cloud, and data migration and storage tiering per policy. Using Flash to Cloud® technology, HyperQ® also combines the speed of Flash with the capacity of Cloud in one solution.

Why do I need the HyperQ® Total Storage Management solution?

The HyperQ® is a Total Storage Management solution that saves you big on time and cost. It is ideal for companies that need a scalable, adaptive data storage solution that optimizes both new and existing storage and saves time on complicated data migrations. It is easy to configure and manage, and gives you greater control over your entire storage environment with little to no service interruption. In addition, the HyperQ® can be offered as a service, shifting the focus from buying yet another storage appliance to managing existing storage, meeting your needs.
How is the HyperQ® different from other data storage solutions?

The HyperQ® is not just another storage device. Where traditional storage vendors solve your storage constraints by asking you to buy additional hardware, the HyperQ® acts as a storage router for your storage devices. The HyperQ® routes data to the optimal location per a user-defined policy and can act as a cloud gateway by allowing expansion not only to new devices, but also the cloud. This shift to data management allows you to leverage storage more effectively through automated, intelligent data placement. Where the traditional storage vendor profits by selling as much expensive storage as possible, your need is to meet storage requirements at the lowest possible cost, in terms of both equipment acquisition cost, and the cost of installation, maintenance and disruption to ongoing operations. The HyperQ® can be offered as a service, shifting the focus from buying yet another storage appliance to managing existing storage, meeting your needs.
How does the HyperQ® work with existing data storage infrastructure?

The Parsec Labs HyperQ® is inserted into your environment between your existing storage server(s) and your clients. The HyperQ® works by intercepting NFS/CIFS operations and traffic to file systems. During configuration, the HyperQ® assumes the network identity of one or more storage servers, and the servers are reconfigured to export their file systems to the HyperQ®. This ensures that all network traffic to the server passes through the HyperQ®, and that the HyperQ® has control of the file systems. It also simplifies administration by assuming the original IP of the device, avoiding the need to change any client side configuration and preserving your namespace.
What applications does the HyperQ® optimize?

The HyperQ® is application agnostic. It is interoperable with any application and NFS/CIFS storage devices.
How much storage can I manage with the HyperQ®?

Dependent on your needs, the HyperQ® can manage between 20 – 80TB per appliance.
How much faster can I access stored data?

Up to 6X faster I/O operations.
What is storage tiering and how does it work?

Storage tiering is the assignment of different categories of data to different types of storage media in order to reduce the total storage cost. The Parsec Labs HyperQ® creates a tiered storage infrastructure by automatically routing or migrating noncritical data to lower-cost storage per your user-defined and easy-to-manage policy. Tier levels may consist of solid-state drives (SSD), high-performing disk, low performing disk, tape, and even the cloud. For example, 'hot', or frequently accessed database data, can be retained in fast SSD for maximum performance, while 'cooler' infrequently accessed database data migrates to lower-cost storage, and from there, to lowest-cost devices or possibly tape or cloud. This increases the available space for more frequently accessed data, and allows you to use your storage to the fullest potential.
How do I set up and customize policies for data migration?

The HyperQ® allows you to set up specific rules within a policy to route your data based on:

  • Date – The date filter allows you specify whether you would like to include or exclude files or folders based on date created, accessed, or modified.
  • User – Include or exclude files or folders created, accessed, or modified by a particular user.
  • Groups – Include or exclude files or folders created, accessed, or modified by a particular group.
  • Size – The size filter allows you to include or exclude files or folders from a migration that are less or more than a specific size (in MB).
  • Name – The name filter allows you to include or exclude files or folders based on their name.

How do I manage the HyperQ®?

The HyperQ® features a secure web-based interface, allowing administrators to simply and easily manage their storage.

What form factors are available?

The HyperQ® is available in two forms – a 1U rack mounted appliance and a remote office desktop version. The HyperQ® is constructed with cutting edge processing capability using the latest CPUs from Intel coupled with the strategic application of award winning solid state drives (SSDs) in order to deliver significant performance advantages. The HyperQ® also features multiple 1G network interfaces in order to provide optimal network throughput. The 1U rack mounted appliance has different levels of functionality based on amount of data managed, redundancy, and clustering.
How long does it take to install the HyperQ®? Does it interrupt current data center operations?

Installation and configuration is trivially easy and can be completed for a basic configuration in 30 minutes or less by a single storage administrator. All of the functions of the HyperQ® can be completed without service interruption.
How does the HyperQ® work with remote or distributed offices?

The HyperQ® integrates your remote or branch office with the main data center and provides access to data as if it were local due to the native SSD cache. Intelligent data migration, expansion to other storage (including Cloud), and acceleration of access are all utilized in both locations.
How much will it cost?

Get started with the Parsec Labs HyperQ® for a low monthly fee with significant savings for paying 1-3 years in advance, or buy an appliance. The choice is up to you. Contact us for full details on configuration options and pricing.