Total Storage Management Appliance

  • attaches to the network between applications and storage devices
  • accelerates access to data through an SSD cache
  • performs data migrations and expansions easily with little to no downtime
  • intelligently routes data to higher or lower tier storage
  • combines Flash acceleration and Cloud routing in one elegant solution

What is it?

HyperQ® is a Total Storage Management appliance. It manages and optimizes your storage through means of accelerated access to data, seamless expansion to other devices, including the Cloud, and data migration and storage tiering per policy. Using Flash to Cloud® technology, HyperQ® also combines the speed of Flash with the capacity of Cloud in one solution.

How does it work?

HyperQ attaches to your network and parses all CIFs, NFS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel traffic and routes those requests based on a user configured policy. All data passing through HyperQ is cached and accelerated using dedicated SSD drives. This allows HyperQ to selectively route infrequently used files to lower tier storage, while caching and routing frequently used data to the highest performance storage tier. The dedicated SSD drives accelerate both operations, dramatically improving the performance of your existing storage assets.

This caching and routing functionality makes it ideal for 3 main use cases.

> Storage Migration

Enterprises that have a large amount of storage that is workload intensive and mission critical typically also use a variety of storage arrays from the major vendors. Migrating data from older proprietary storage arrays to newer technologies is difficult and can cost millions of dollars and consume thousands of man hours.

Because HyperQ sits inline with the storage and acts simultaneously as an accelerator and router, it is uniquely qualified to migrate very large amounts of data without impacting workload performance.

> Remote and Branch Office Storage

Remote and Branch Office (ROBO) storage growth presents a difficult problem for most organizations. Placing more storage devices at the remote location adds management and cost and decentralizes data management. HyperQ sits at the remote location and caches and accelerates all storage requests locally, while simultaneously providing data replication back to a central office or data center. This allows great remote performance, even over slow networks, and supports centralized storage management.

> Dedicated Appliance for storage intensive applications

For data intensive applications that suffer from poor network or intermittent internet connectivity, HyperQ functions as a dedicated hyperconverged application platform, providing compute and storage to drive these mission critical applications. Due to its caching and storage routing capability it can leverage cloud services on slow or intermittent internet connections to provide remote monitoring and application patching.

Scalable, Adaptive and Cost-Effective

HyperQ® saves you big on time and cost. It is ideal for companies that need a scalable, adaptive data storage solution that optimizes both new and existing storage and saves time on complicated data migrations.

Simplicity and Ease of Mind

It is easy to configure and manage, and gives you greater control over your entire storage environment with little to no service interruption. In addition, HyperQ® can be offered as a service, shifting the focus from buying yet another storage appliance to managing existing storage, meeting your needs.

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