HyperQ Scanner

What is it?

The HyperQ® File Scanner is a free desktop application that allows you to analyze how you are using your storage devices.

Why HyperQ® Scanner?

The HyperQ® Scanner shows how implementing policies within the HyperQ® solution can help save space on existing hardware and maintain a healthy storage environment. System Administrators can use this utility to save their companies time, space, and money by making their storage more efficient.

The HyperQ® Scanner is designed to provide the following information about your data:

    * Average File Size
    * Total file system size
    * Median age of when a file was last accessed
    * Number of files using more than 1% of the total space
    * Number of file extensions using more than 1% total space
    * Top 50 largest files by name
    * Top 50 largest files by extension (e.g. .doc files)
    * Top 10 users with the most storage
    * File access history
    * Migration simulation

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