Our Story

A New Approach

The idea for Parsec Labs came from a gap in today’s data storage market. Our CEO, Walter Angerer, a veteran in leading high-performance teams in storage, backup, and data protection, wanted to address the problem of storage growth. Walter kept running into companies that were constantly running out of storage capacity. In most cases, the amount of data stored doubled every two years! Contributing to this growth was a proliferation of videos, high resolution imaging, and government-mandated record keeping to name a few. These same companies that faced an explosive growth of data also encountered challenges in performance (in many cases due to the amount of data and large files shared over increasing distances), and vendor lock-in, not to mention cost. Enterprise storage systems are expensive, not including the ongoing maintenance and support costs. The exponential growth of data storage needs paired with a demand for high-performance, created problems for IT departments who could not continue to allocate substantial amounts of their budget in new storage devices and time migrating and expanding data to new or different devices to keep up.

Walter decided there had to be a better way – a method by which companies could add new storage or re-provision old storage without interrupting business, even to and from remote offices. A method by which companies could easily manage storage growth and optimize their existing storage. A method where companies were not limited to buying storage devices from just one vendor…

Enter the HyperQ® - a storage router and the facilitator of storage management. The HyperQ® is truly a unique appliance that leverages customers’ existing storage and allows them to accelerate data access, migrate data and expand into new storage without interruption (even to the Cloud), and saves disk space.

By shifting the focus from a traditional storage vendor approach of selling more hardware to a service approach of data management, we are able to more directly address the customer need of meeting storage requirements at the lowest possible cost with as little disruption to daily operations as possible.

The HyperQ® is the product of great innovation. We here at Parsec believe and encourage stepping outside the boundaries of conventional to develop something extraordinary. Learn more about us and the HyperQ®here.