Remote and Branch Offices

With increasing numbers of remote and branch offices, businesses are operating more distributed now than ever. Forrester Research’s US Telecommuting Forecast reports that about 34 million Americans now work from home or remotely. This number is expected to reach 63 million by 2016. That’s 43% of the workforce! However, remote and branch offices pose particular challenges for access to data and data storage. Increased latency, complex management, and cost constraints are just a few of the obstacles facing employees and IT staff at remote locations.

The Parsec Labs HyperQ® integrates your remote or branch offices with the main data center – taking away the headaches of management, increasing costs, and performance frustrations. It is a Total Storage Management Service.

Increases Performance and Productivity

HyperQ® allows remote offices to access data from the main data center as if it were local due to a large onsite cache. Just deploy HyperQ® at your remote office and it will take care of the rest. HyperQ® will improve file sharing performance, optimizing data access from the main office resulting in increased productivity for remote workers. Gone are the wait times traditionally associated with accessing data from a remote office location. HyperQ® gives your employees peace of mind – increasing employee satisfaction, while still meeting your business objectives.

Revives Your Existing Storage

HyperQ® is a Total Storage Management Service. It is inserted into the network between your clients and your current storage device to optimize and manage your existing storage solution. It turns your existing low-end, local storage into high-end storage – saving you time and money. Not to mention space in your data center.

HyperQ® optimizes your data in 4 ways:

1. An average of 6X faster access to your data through SSD.
2. Intelligently migrates your data to the optimal storage medium per your easy-to-configure policy, making your storage more efficient.
3. Allows for seamless expansion into other new or existing storage media, including the cloud.
4. Saves up to 60% of your storage by reducing your storage needs through data compression and deduplication, managing your data growth

Simplifies your Management

It is easy to deploy and configure, while also giving you more control over your data.

Managing storage at remote locations can be difficult. The infrastructure is complex and branch or remote offices often have fewer IT staff to cope with the increasing complexity. HyperQ® offers a simple solution. Using a software-defined storage (SDS) approach, HyperQ® virtualizes your Network Attached Storage, providing visibility across all your data in the main office and remote locations. It is easy to deploy and configure, and gives you more control over your data.

Saves on Cost and Increases your ROI

HyperQ® is deployed as a service. All of the features outlined above are available for a low monthly subscription cost based on the amount of storage managed. Increase your return on the investment you have made in your remote offices and existing storage by saving thousands over buying a new storage device.