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Backed by Toba Capital, Parsec Labs offers one of the most complete and highest performing data management and protection solutions in the industry. Our extraordinary engineering team brings extensive experience in storage and supercomputing at firms such as: Compellent, DELL, General Dynamics, Seagate, Symantec, Western Digital, and Veritas among others.

Supporting all data types (Block, File, & Object), Parsec can easily, reliably, and securely move data from any source to any target. Used in some of the largest data centers in the industry, Parsec was designed for scale and can move petabytes of data and billions of files as quickly as your network will allow.

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Parsec Labs announces enhanced data analytics

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Data Migration: Strategy and Best Practices

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Parsec Labs products are delivered as an integrated appliance, optimizing hardware and software for maximum performance and throughput.