Disaster Recovery with minimal downtime

Replicating data to a remote data center, or to the cloud, is a proven strategy for organizations requiring very short Recovery Time Objectives (RTO’s) in the event of an outage.

For many companies, though, this option is out of reach due to its cost and complexity.

Storage vendor tools only support their own hardware, forcing customers to buy duplicate hardware for the DR site and effectively doubling cost. While replicating to the cloud could be an attractive option, with existing solutions all metadata and permissions are lost when moving to the cloud, creating a host of different problems.

Why Parsec for DR? 

Our unique approach means customers can replicate from any source to any target. This flexible approach provides a multitude of affordable solutions – including on-prem S3 object stores.

When replicating to the cloud, Parsec copies and preserves all metadata, directories and permissions. Whenever data is retrieved or restored, everything you need is intact, dramatically simplifying the recovery process.

We make it easy to replicate your data to one or more clouds, or replicate between clouds. Restoring from the cloud is straightforward and fast, meaning critical files can be retrieved immediately, even during a full restore. In most cases, setup can be completed in less than an hour. Once installed our powerful Policy Engine makes it easy to create projects and jobs, define schedules and track status.


Minimize Risk and Save Money

Data migration has historically been complex, time-consuming and subject to unpredictable costs. Most existing solutions are limited to a specific storage vendor or to only one type of data, forcing IT teams to license and maintain multiple tools and/or hire expensive consultants to complete a migration project. Our unique approach to data migration dramatically simplifies project complexity and reduces cost.

We deliver our solutions as a fully integrated appliance so there are no hidden extras. And unlike others, we don’t license on capacity. Instead we charge a fixed, per appliance, fee for unlimited data.

Why Parsec for Data Migration?

Parsec was designed for scale and can move petabytes of data and billions of files as quickly as your network will allow. Used by some of the largest data centers in the industry, we deliver a single tool that supports File, Block and Object data and the following protocols and interfaces:

SMB, NFS, S3, iSCSI, Fiber Channel and NVMe

In most cases, setup can be completed in less than an hour. Once installed, Parsec’s powerful Policy Engine makes it easy to create projects and jobs, define schedules and track status. In addition, Parsec’s API allows you to easily import jobs already created to further speed implementation.

Parsec copies all metadata and ACL’s so once data is successfully moved and validated, users can seamlessly and quickly cutover – whether local or to a remote site. 


MSP Data Management

Managing data for your clients doesn’t need to be an expensive quagmire. With streamlined tools and a flat pricing model you can keep control of your bottom line while providing an exceptional experience.

By consolidating tools and reducing complexity our unified approach works wonders. With easy reporting and a deep understanding of data we provide expert data management for Managed Service Providers.