Frequently Asked Questions

We built this product to handle the world's largest datacenters. Now we want to offer that same scale and peace of mind to the rest of the world. Why don't we price based on the amount of data like everyone else? Because that model will eat you alive with unexpected expenses and then we will have to become a billing company instead of a software company. Our data protection and data mover pricing is based on the number of concurrent workers. Each worker performs a "job" and that job performs an action on your network mounts/shares/buckets.

A single worker is capable of migrating/replicating/restoring more than 1B files/objects and 1PB+ of data. You probably don't have a billion files in your network shares. So a single worker can easily handle 1-4 jobs very quickly, but one job at a time. That may be enough concurrency or you might decide to add more workers.

Data Independence. Storage technologies come and go. Data is forever.

Parsec is designed exclusively to assist customers who want to protect and mobilize data stored on network storage devices (NFS/SMB/S3). We provide fast off-line block transfers as well (iSCSi, NVME-TCP). Fiber channel is only available in our hardware appliances.

Virtual or physical appliances. Download from our website, set your network connections, and use our Discovery tool for free. When you are ready to buy just register and license your appliance. Online or contact us for purchase orders and special pricing requests.

Fail-Safe Data Protection™
S3 mobility + full restore for enterprise filers
Starts at $2,400/year for 4 workers
Additional workers $50/month

S3 Mobility
Includes file to cloud, cloud to file, cloud to cloud replication and validated migrations to S3..
Starts at $1,440/year for 4 workers
Additional workers $30/month

Enterprise Data Mobility
Includes validated migration, fast copy, replication, and third party data verification. File and Block.
Starts at $7,200/year
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Parsec Complete -- Total Data Independence
Starts at $9,600/year
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Insight to Data
Consolidated view of one or more filers. Total data, age of data, type of data.
Preview of Insight 2 available to customers with annual subscriptions.
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Scan and create reports on all mounts/shares. Reports the number of directories, directory depth, smallest file, largest file, number of bytes and median file size range in bytes. Use this tool to right-size your DR requirements and estimate migrations.
Reports can be output as csv, xml, json and html.

Contact us by emailing us at when you need more than 10 workers, volume discounts, or purchase order submissions. Our solution architects and sales team can help you right size your environment.

Yes! Just contact us by emailing us at when you need more than 10 workers, volume discounts, or purchase order submissions and we can give you options based on your unique needs. Our solution architects and sales team can help you right size your environment.

Parsec's discovery tool can scan tens of thousands of files per second and build a detailed report on total number of files, total number of directories, number of files in directories, average file size—and more usefully the median file size, as well as the total size of all mounts in a network filer. This tool will export reports in json, xml, csv and html. Right size migrations and D/R requirements as well as get basic insight to your networked storage.

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You bet, and it's a great way to build a completely custom view to all of your data as well as to manage fail-safe data requirements.

We work well with the big names. If your filer supports SMB and NFS to spec no problem. If not, we will extend our best effort to support your environment.

SMB1 (CIFS); SMB 2.0x (older filers); SMB 2.1-3.1

V3 currently. We will likely add 4.1 in the future.

Yes (and we upload the map in case you decide to stop using us. We hope you don't!)

Yes. (If you have a lot of files those reports can be quite large.)

It's on the roadmap.

So far we haven't had a lot of demand. But it would be nice to round out the cloud storage endpoints.