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Parsec Labs Announces Enhanced Data Analytics

Minneapolis, MN – November 30, 2021  Parsec Labs, the fast-growing and innovative provider of enterprise data management and protection solutions, today announced the release of Parsec Insight, an upgraded version of its data scanning and analysis tool that gives customers a deeper understanding of their data.

With this new release, Parsec moves beyond the usual reporting of age, access time, modify time, size, etc. With Parsec Insight, customers can now also determine actual MIME type/content and compare with file name extensions to discover anomalies.

“The exciting thing about Insight is it allows our customers to do some interesting pattern detection where file data is represented to users/admins as one type, but in reality is something else,” said Chris Moore, Parsec’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Insight fills an important need for us,” said Bo Kennedy, Director of Architecture of Ovation Data, a Houston based data solutions provider. Kennedy adds, "Having a system that can rapidly scan massive volumes and discover access times, sizes and file types is incredibly useful for forecasting transfer schedules and assigning the right data types to the right storage class. We can now continuously monitor data sets and do predictive analysis well in advance of project execution, ensuring projects are completed on schedule."

Parsec Insight also provides both aggregated reporting across multiple filers as well as the ability to drill down for more granular analysis. As with all Parsec solutions, Insight is highly scalable and has been tested in environments with up to a billion files.


About Parsec Labs

Parsec provides its customers with unprecedented knowledge and control over their own data, with vendor agnostic capabilities that span all on-premise storage platforms and cloud/multi-cloud providers. Used in some of the industry’s largest data centers, Parsec offers unparalleled scale combined with the ease of use necessary to be the ideal solution for any size company. For more information, visit

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